Preparatory Division

The preparatory division is for children ages 5 to 7.

We accept there Russian-speaking or Russian-learning children without selection.

These kids have workshops on Saturdays from 10:30AM to 1:00PM. At noon the children have a short break when they get a snack (provided by the studio) and have an opportunity to play with each other informally.

The groups are small (6-8 kids). Children are placed in groups according to age and knowledge of Russian. All classes are in Russian; if some children do not understand something, it is explained or translated to them.

Our unique program of creative development includes three 45 min. classes: Russian language, drama (basics of drama, declamation, improvisation), as well as music (vocal and movement) and applied art (crafts, making of masks, puppets, parts of costumes, props, and face painting). Lessons of drama and Russian are every week, those of arts and music, every other week.


Tuition in the theater studio for the Fall semester (Sept.15 – Jan. 12) is $760,

per month (4 Saturdays) $200; per Saturday  $55.

Registration fee is $25 per child, $35 for two siblings; $15 for continuing students.

Supplies  fee $55 per semester per child (the fee includes costumes, scenery, all disposable materials, Xeroxes of texts);

Siblings’ discounts – 10% of tuition fee for the second child, 15% for the third.

Volunteer discounts – parents who volunteer at the studio enjoy tuition discounts.

All our students may also register for other classes at our learning center at a discounted rate; they also get discounts at all our events – Olympiada of Spoken Russian, role games and holidays, as well as while subscribing to our magazine.

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