Theater Studio

The theater studio accepts children from 7 years old – they either join after graduating from our prep division or pass the auditions. The kids have workshops on Saturdays at Kings Bay Y from 10:30AM to 1:00PM. At noon the children have a short break when they get a snack (provided by the studio) and have an opportunity to play with each other informally.

The groups are small (6-8 kids). Children are placed in groups according to age and knowledge of Russian – 7-9 years old and 10-13. All classes are in Russian. All terms and personal names are given in two languages.


Tuition in the theater studio for the second semester (Jan. 27 – May 26) is $740,

per month (4 Saturdays) $190; per Saturday  $50.

First year registration fee is $25 per child, $35 for two siblings;

Supplies  fee $55 per semester per child (the fee includes costumes, scenery, all disposable materials, Xeroxes of texts);

Siblings’ discounts – 10% of tuition fee for the second child, 15% for the third child.

The students have lessons in Russian (45 min.) and drama basics with elements of vocal and dance (90 min.). These children work on performances that will be shown not only in NY but also on the Festival of Russian Children’s Theaters in DC. Before the shows and the festival they might have additional classes and rehearsals on weekdays (separate fee required).

All our students may also register for other classes at our learning center at a discounted rate; they also get discounts at all our events – Olympiada of Spoken Russian, role games and holidays, as well as while subscribing to our magazine.

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