As a Russian learning center we obviously teach Russian. Yes, our students learn how to speak, read, and even write in Russian, but we do it in such a way that they enjoy it. We do not force them to memorize boring rules, rather we try to attract children to learning so that they would see the practical use of knowing Russian.

We use both the classical methods of teaching (those of Zaitsev, Ramzaeva, Bokova, and Glenn Doman) and our own lengthy experience of teaching children in other language surroundings. We teach children to think linguistically and see and use language connections. When a child sees that his/her Russian may be of help for his/her English, Spanish and other languages, s/he is more eager to learn it.

Besides the language itself, we also teach Russian civilization — basics of geography, history, and culture of Russia. It is of special importance for those children who want to participate in the Olympiada of Spoken Russian.

We pay particular attention to children from mixed families and kids adopted from the FSU. The groups are small (4-8 kids). Children are placed in groups according to age and knowledge of Russian. In class use a lot of games and interactive activities, especially with younger children. We teach all children 4 years and older to read and write in Russian. For kids 7 years old and older we offer preparation for the Olympiada of Spoken Russian. To attract children to reading and writing we devise various non-traditional settings and tasks. To improve communication skills we create situations when a child has to speak, and not only with the instructor but also with other kids, and discuss topics interesting to children.

Fee $300 for semester (16 classes), $25 per class. Supplies fee $10 per semester.

Discounts when taking classes twice a week.

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