Since the Board of Education of NYC permits the youngsters take the tests for G&T programs in their native tongue, we prepare Russian-speaking children for this test. Attention parents! You should prepare and register your child for the test in the language s/he knows better. If the kid is bilingual it is better to register him/her for the test in Russian: if a kid says something in English the person who does the assessment in Russian must speak English, too and will understand the child; however, a test administrator in English may not understand if your child says something in Russian.

Classes on Saturdays at Kings Bay Y and on weekdays at Bragg Street.

Tuition fee $375 for semester  +$15 supplies +$25 registration for new students.

If a child, besides taking G&T Prep, is registered for our drama classes, the total tuition is $800. It is also possible to pay all fees for the G&T Prep + $100 per month. Additional supplies fee for the drama classes is $40 per semester.

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