Our kids are Americans; they speak English without any accent. Why would they need additional classes in English? You are right, they do speak perfectly; but how well do they write? Unfortunately, many kids read and write in English very poorly and all the tests are written, not oral. In order to enter a good school a child needs to read quickly and attentively, have a broad vocabulary and be able to write logically and grammatically correctly, which is a problem for many. We develop linguistic skills, help children to broaden their vocabulary, and teach them to think and express their thoughts logically.

We also prepare students

  •  of 3-8 grades to state wide tests in ELA
  •  of 7-8 grades to the SHSAT (to enter most prestigious high schools in NYC)
  • of high schools to the SAT and college essay writing.

For HS students we conduct individual consultations and college advising, help with college essay writing and preparation of the college applications.

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