Coronavirus (COVID-19) announcement

Dear Friends,

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we are forced to postpone the Olympiada of Spoken Russian. We will monitor the situation and announce the new date for the Olympiada.

For children who live far away from New York and for high school students who need to take the Olympiada earlier, we will conduct the Olympiada over Skype. Parents who would like their children to take part in the Olympiada over Skype, please contact us over email: alla.markova@gmail.com or call (646) 508-4449, (646) 508-4450.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, KidzHOME will begin to conduct classes over Skype.

For more information email alla.markova@gmail.com or call (646) 508-4449, (646) 508-4450.


We are happy to greet you on our website! Join our Malenkaya Kompaniya!

We’ll be happy to see you and your children in our classes and performances of our
theater studio, among the participants of our Olympiadas, and of course as readers of our magazine.

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The Twelfth Olympiada

of Spoken Russian

is POSTPONED due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

New Year Show and Party

All Fairy Tales This Way Come

took place on January 12, 2020

Halloween Show

Voldemort Strikes Back

took place on October 27

Our Halloween party was visited by Lord Voldemort (Tom Riddle), Baba Yaga, Gingema, and John Silver. But we were not afraid of their magic wands, evil spells, sabers and brooms. Because we were on the side of good, and the good guys always win!

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