Mission Statement

CEKPET, Ltd. (Malenkaya Kompaniya) is a grassroots non-profit organization of Russian-speaking parents in the US. Our goal is to help those families who want to keep the heritage language in their children, attract kids to reading – in any language, and maintain the ties within the family. In order to achieve our goal we publish a literary magazine for Russian-speaking children and their families, families that adopted kids from the Former Soviet Union, and any students of Russian in US (Malenkaya Kompaniya, ISSN 1933-6020), conduct theater workshops and shows, organize Olympiada of Spoken Russian (together with the American Council of Teachers of Russian), various contests and other events.

The CEKPET, Ltd., based in Russian American heritage, seeks to enhance the lives of Russian-speaking and mixed families in the USA and help their children to adjust to the US educational system while preserving their Russian language and cultural heritage, as well as sharing this heritage with non-Russian-speaking children, through programs designed to develop spirit, mind and body.


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