Performance and Costume Party

We know (at least those of us who remember that they themselves were children once) that beyond our world of strictly scheduled study, work, and holidays, there is the realm of magic. So many fascinating things happen in that world. Unfortunately the two universes, the real and the magical, exist in parallel. They only intersect with each other once. On Halloween (and maybe at the start of the New Year as well), the gates to the realm of magic open, and the streets are filled with crowds of vampires, skeletons, princesses, and knights. You may assume that these are all just children in costumes.

But I would not be so hasty. Where would you hide a leaf? In a forest. And where in our world would magical beings find the best hiding spot? Among the crowds of costumed children dressed as witches, wizards, and ghosts. And that would be fine, but as we know in fairy tales, sagas, myths, and fantasies, there are also evil warlocks, restless ghosts, and other rather unpleasant personas. They can cause us a lot of trouble. What can we do about it? Very simple! We just need to get as many kids in Halloween costumes as possible in one place, and the forces of darkness are bound to go there. We need to just unmask them, disrupt their devious plans and send them back to their own fairy tales.

This is what we are did on our Halloween Party that was held at KidzHOME on October 27. Our party was visited by Lord Voldemort (Tom Riddle), Baba Yaga, Gingema, and John Silver. But we were not afraid of their magic wands, evil spells, sabers and brooms. Because we were on the side of good, and the good guys always win!

Interactive Show and Games for Kids!

You can find a photo report of the party here on our Facebook event.

We leave our costumes on the coat racks until Halloween comes again. We will be happy to see you next time!