New Year Show and Royal Ball

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our shows have been moved a week to January 21-22. Tickets bought for earlier days in January are valid. If you would like get back money for tickets, please contact us.

How fast time flies! Just a minute ago (last New Year) we fought Kashey alongside Masha and Vitya (and won, of course). Now it is time to go to the wintry forest to visit Morozko (aka Ded Moroz). Brrr! do you feel the how cold it is here, you can turn into an icicle. But don’t lose heart! Can’t you hear the snow crumbling under someone’s boots? Now we must pull ourselves together and remember what mom and dad taught us. They must have taught you to be well-behaved: respect elders and help around the house.

So let the kids come to our show to see in person how a well-behaved child will survive in even the coldest wintry forest. We await at our holiday show all polite and well-behaved children. But even more we await all the misbehaving and mischievous kids. Hey, maybe they might learn something. After the show, there will be dances, games, and other fun activities with Ded Moroz.

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For Children from 5 to 12


January 21 and 22, 2023

at 6:00 PM

For Little Kids and Toddlers (Snegovik-Pochtovik)

January 22, 2023

at 3:00 PM


Children (includes presents – DIY toys and crafts): $35
Adults: $20

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We will meet the New Year in our location in KidzHOME at 1633 Sheepshead Bay Rd. , Brooklyn, NY 11235,  Second Floor (next to Sheepshead Bay Rd Subway Station; buses: B36, B4, B49).