New Year Show and Royal Ball

All Fairy Tales This Way Come

Well, not all of course, but many. And how else could it be, if you run off for a second to get a screwdriver to fix your old couch (which happens to also be a portal to the world of fairy tales, magic, and fantasy), and near your couch appears a very curious little girl who just has to, just absolutely has to, press on the big red button: “What could that button possibly be for? What’s the worst that can happen?” And then such things came through the portal that it seems the whole world is in big trouble without the magic of Ded Moroz (or Santa Claus as he is sometimes known). 

On the 12th of January, at exactly 12 AM in magical time, the New Year started at KidzHOME. The celebration of this event was honored by the presence of many fairy tale characters, and of course Ded Moroz and Snegurochka. We thank all children and adults that came to our festival, and hope that they do lose their faith in Ded Moroz and New Year miracles.

You can find a photo report of the party here on our Facebook event.

In the next few days we will decide when we will celebrate the New Year 2021, in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Follow our announcements.