Registration for the Game Archers of Robin Hood


  • The price for participation is $45 per child, $40 for a second sibling and $10 for an adult. The fee is non-refundable. Children 9 years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult. Older children may be accompanied by an adult. If you are not sure in your child's responsible behavior you must accompany him/her, regardless of age. The game is outdoor and includes archery and hiking activity. If your child is not feeling well on the day of the game he/she should stay at home or you must accompany him/her at all times, regardless of his/her age. Please be advised that a child not obeying the rules will be dismissed immediately and will not be accepted to any other our event. All participants should report on time and be picked up also on time. Late arrival may result in not admittance; late pick up, in fines.
  • By signing this application I confirm that I have read the Rules and I permit the organizers to take pictures/videos of my child during the event and publish them in the Malenkaya Kompaniya magazine, on its website and facebook page, as well as in its publicity materials.


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